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Small Business Spotlight: Paige PR Discusses Why Stellar Bank is an Essential Part of Their Team

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Paige PR is a public relations and marketing agency that specializes in developing strategic internal and external communication plans. Founder Paige Donnell entrusts the team at Stellar Bank with working capital needs and depository services that help keep her business running smoothly. As a company that enjoys a high level of exposure in their field, Paige needs a bank that can support business growth and is also willing to provide one-on-one consultation services. At Stellar Bank, Paige PR is supported by Commercial Lender Brenda Edwards, who is proud to be a part of their growth story.

Early Beginnings 

Paige PR was founded in 2012, shortly before Paige had her second child. Her oldest was constantly sick as a baby and a corporate job just wasn’t working with her need for a flexible schedule. Paige shares, “I came home one day and just told my husband that I had quit my job.” While Paige PR grew every year, Paige did not hire her first employee until 2016, and shares that some of the best advice she received at the time was to open a line of credit. 

“One of my colleagues told me, get it now, when you don’t need it so when you do need it, everything is lined up and taken care of,” she explains.  

Paige originally opened a business account at a different bank. She describes that experience as a “disaster.” The lack of customer service, interest in her business and response time made it extremely difficult as a small business owner. She felt as though she was not a big enough client to be invested in – and was with them for less than a year. When one of her colleagues moved to Stellar Bank and suggested she consider making a change, Paige connected with Brenda Edwards.  

Brenda, one of the lenders at Stellar Bank’s 290 Hollister banking center, handles the loan and depository services for small- to medium-size businesses and their owners. She seeks to deepen customer relationships by making sure customers are set up with the products and services that facilitate smooth transactions and make their banking as seamless as possible.  

Brenda and Paige met over lunch. Paige describes, “Brenda really took the time to ask a lot of questions about my business, business plan and plans for growth. We talk pretty regularly about all of these things. She sees the bigger picture and has been a vital part of my team, especially when navigating uncharted territory like COVID, PPP and PPP Forgiveness. I was lucky to have Brenda by my side during this time in particular.” 

The Partnership 

When Paige is considering new financial ventures of a business or personal nature, Brenda is her first call. “I love Brenda and Stellar Bank. Brenda is a trusted advisor in my network, and I respect her judgment and guidance. I’ve also worked with a handful of her colleagues in certain situations to make sure things are buttoned up and running smoothly,” Paige says. 

Paige recommends Stellar Bank for a variety of reasons. One is the knowledge and response time that Brenda and the team provide. The other is that small businesses are a huge part of the US economy, and Stellar empowers small businesses to get to the next step of growth. 

Paige shares, “Paige PR is a small business that provides livelihoods to our employees. To know that I’m making a difference in someone’s life is something I’m really proud of. And to have a bank that’s willing to work with a company our size is amazing. It has created a level of security and devotion that this is my team.” 

Are you looking for a banking team dedicated to helping your small business thrive? Connect with a Stellar Banker today. 

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